Do you need some production music for your project?

In my large production music library containing over 300 tracks you will surely find a fitting piece. The library consists of medium resolution MP3-files with indexed names. You can use the search function of your o.s. to filter the tracks. Inside the zip you will find a text note with a list of key words you can use.
When you have found a suitable piece I will provide high-resolution file formats as you require


If you don´t want to waste your time rifling through vast production music libraries you may try my licencing service without obligation. First of all, I want to help you find a fitting track with minimal time input. Second, I can be of service with different audio formats, edits or customizations if you don´t want to slave your video to an existing piece of music as it is often the case when using production music.


* Please don´t use any track without permission. Every track is monitored via special tracking services in the w.w.w. if you have a tight budget you may convince me to give you discount. I am also willing to provide my music for charity purposes for a small fee or even for free.

download mp3 library

If you want to search all my works you will find a download link to my MP-3 library below. Inside the zip you will find a text note with a list of key words you can use to filter with your o.s.. When you have found a suitable piece I will provide high-resolution file formats as you require.

curated playlists

For special topics, I created some playlists with potentially fitting tracks. More to come.

selection service

I can support you with creating a custom music selection for your project. I know my catalogue well and may come up with some really interesting tracks and save you time. Please understand that I can only provide this service with a final- or rough-cut video and I will charge 40 € + licencing fees in case of success. 

additional services

custom file formats

Most production music is provided in CD-quality which is fine. But when you work with video, in most cases the music needs to be up-converted from 44,1 kHz to 48 kHz and from 16 Bit to 24 Bit. This is equivalent to enlarging a picture which means you are loosing a little bit of definition and sharpness. I offer to render my music to different file formats up to 96 kHz with no degradation. Just ask, this service is free if you licence one of my tracks. 
Furthermore I can provide stems if you want to do some deeper music editing yourself. For this service I charge 40 € + licencing fees. Please be aware that when using stems it will sound slightly different than the fully mixed and mastered music.

sync to video

At an extensive research in the web I noticed one thing: some editors cutted my music to the images and they did it bad. When you can hear cuts in the music and notice looping it will devaluate your video. You may not bother but there are people out there who have a feeling for such things and will be repelled. It doesn´t have to be expensive and you save time you would need for music editing if you give the task to me. Most fixes can be done within one hour for which I charge 55 € (+ licencing fees).
I can re-arrange my music to fit certain scenes or sync my music to hit points. Don´t let your video be slave to the music. Be free with your video editing and let the music be fitted to your work.  This is the bridge between royalty-free production music and individually scored music. You get the best of both worlds.

customize my music

You have found a piece of my music you like generally but something is amiss? Maybe it is too short or there are some elements too much or some things you would like to have added. Everything is possible! At an hourly basis (55 € / hour) I can re-work my titles to your demands. A growing number of agencies (e.g. Chilihaus TV & Medien, Kobayashimaru – Moving Images 
Pikdrei – visuelle Kommunikation) are making use of this service to be more independend of existing and unflexible production music even on tight budget.