Kunde: Thomas Landenberger i.A. SATA GmbH & Co. KG >> Leistung: Musik & Sounddesign

Kunde: Thomas Landenberger i.A. People and Schumacher >> Leistung: Musik

Kunde: Eder >> Leistung: Musik & Sounddesign

Kunde: Ed. Züblin AG >> Service: music, sound design

Kunde: Ed. Züblin AG >> Service: music, sound design

customer: Nikon p.p. Florian Schulz >> service: music

customer: Florian Schulz (Fotograf) >> service: music & mixing

customer: Frauenhaus Ludwigsburg >> service: music (intro)

customer: eder GmbH >> service: music & sound design

student filmlet >> service: music, voice recording, sound design & mixing

student trailer >> service: music

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customer: Wunderwelten Festival >> service: music & voice recording


Alongside making music for movies, I have done sound design and film mixing in the past.
If you are intested: Sounddesign Projekte