Dominik Heer Music

I grew up in a musical family and music was an integral part of my life as a child. I had the opportunity to play around with different musical instruments and was fascinated with the vibrations and the sound they made. But even more, I was fascinated in the DNA of music and how it is created. Soon I could not just hear music anymore - I dissected it to get to its secrets. Yet, it really all started 1995 when I got a Midi Sequencer and began to produce electronic music. A whole new world opened up for me. At first just for fun it became a call and I decided to really get into it and went to college. There, I got in contact with many film- and other media people and made my first orchestral film score for fellow students. I learned that creating music as a part of a greater work is much more satisfying for me than making music for its own sake. So, creating film music has become my main field of work besides producing royalty-free music.
Since 2016 I also work as co-producer for EARS ONLY MUSIC, an aspiring sound agency.

Every day I strive to become better. With this determination I want to help you with what ever project you are involved with. Let´s come together and create.

A perfect film needs the perfect music - perfectly fitting, subtle or powerful. Whether you have exact notions or yet don´t know what you want, I can help you hit it. Many years of production experience, many different styles, fast and accurate work - this is what you can expect of me.

Customers: Nikon, STRABAG, Züblin, Neoplan, MAN, Sparkasse, eder, Earthjustice, Filmacademy BW, SGR, Landesmedienzentrum BW, Glabete, SATA...

As co-producer for Ears Only Music: Siemens, BMW, Porsche

Not every project needs genuine music. In my large catalogue containing over 300 Songs you will surely find a fitting piece.

Production music with conviction - many styles, many different emotions. Download my catalogue or contact me. The catalogue is indexed with many keywords. For complex search patterns you may also utilisize the search engine of soundtaxi where I also market my songs. The prices depend on the puplication range of the project.

Creative sound design generates an effectfull atmosphere and gives your film authenticity and significance. For a genuine sound layer I record as much as possible in the studio, in the field, or create never heard sound-fx with up-to-date synthetic methods.

Please understand that I only do sound design in conjunction with music, since music is my primary field of work. Yet sometimes it can be beneficial to do both from one provider.
For mere Sound Design projects I would love to recommend skilled sound designers.